Solution for dispensing problems

Common dispenser problems are shown below:

*Inconsistent adhesive volume of traditional pneumatic dispensers.
→Piezoelectric jets control adhesive ejection with the piezoelectric components inside the valve to rid air pressure influence.

*Sputtering and bubbling problems in mechanical dispensers
→Users can adjust the parameters of piezoelectric jets based on adhesive properties to significantly reduce sputtering and bubbling.

*Screw or piston dispensers take longer production time.
→Piezoelectric jets adopt non-contact dispensing to eject adhesive at the same Z-axle height to significantly reduce production time.

*Filling adhesive to micro grooves or pores even syringe needles cannot penetrate.
→The minimum hole diameter of a piezoelectric jet is 50μm. Therefore, it can inject liquid adhesive into grooves and pores of about 100μm.

*Even coating of solution on 3D workpieces.
→Besides horizontally coating from the side, a piezoelectric jet supports surround (360°) coating on a multi-axle machine to realize 3D application.