Micro Fluid and advanced packaging technology

Gluing and motion synchronous frequency conversion technology

The packaging process of Mini led includes using high-viscosity technology optical glue to separate the RGB chips, and then the glue is finished.
Fully cover the wafer and fill the space of the dam that separates the wafer, and the glue that separates the wafer for the light emission effect
It is necessary to maintain the same glue height at the staggered point. SSI not only has the ability of high-speed and high-precision glue coating, but also has the unique
A piezoelectric glue spraying technology that can control the consistent height of the staggered points.

Glue filling of gaps in large panel splicing

When splicing large-area mini led panels, it is necessary to accurately fill in glue at the splicing point, and use high-speed laser
After detecting the glue height, it can automatically fill the insufficient glue amount. SSI uses the self-developed image alignment technology, which can cut the glue at high speed.
Take the gap coordinates and accurately fill the gap with glue and complete the function of automatic glue filling.

High-speed tin spraying

High-speed spraying of solder paste on glass or other substrates (minimum tin spot is about 200μm), the maximum spraying speed is 720,000
/ Hour.