LED Phosphor Dispensing

Model SSD is an advanced jet dispensing machine designed for lead frame led encapsulation to improve quality and efficiency using conventional time-pressure dispensing technology. Time pressure dispensing technology requires up-down movement and dispensing gap control to get consistent dots. To increase the production efficiency, time pressure dispensing machines commonly use multiple dispensing needles, which creates the risk of dispensing quality problems due to various dispensing heights of multiple dispensing heads .Instead, Model SSD advanced led encapsulation machine is using piezo jet dispensing technology and advanced software "Steam Vision" wholly developed by SSI research team over a decade. "Stream Vision" software is the most advanced dispensing software in the industry integrating motion control and imaging processing, which can ensure highspeed and accurate vision alignment and inspection. On the other hand. piezo jetting technology is able to dispensing dots as small as few pico liters with accuracy of±1% and very high speed up to hundreds of dots per second. Combining advanced piezo jetting and software capabilities, Model SSD dispensing robot is able to operate under very high speed and achieve high quality results for any dispensing pattern.


                                  SSD                                                                                 Reel to Reel

■ Most advanced dispensing vision software
■ Throughput increase by 30~50%
■ Dispensing volume accuracy ±1%
■ Very small robot dimensions and footprint
■ Pre-inspection of marked defective parts before dispensing, saving time on dispensing defective parts
■ Dual valve capabilities, double throughput
■ Adjustable conveyor width between 40.2~75 mm

■ Optional AOI feature