Independent advanced smart dual valve (ASDV) technology

For panelized layout with constant spacing, dual valve is a good way to double production capacity without an additional dispensing system. However, traditional double valve design is not smart enough to automatically adjust the 2nd valve position and Z height according to the workpiece rotational skew as well as providing the same mass flow rate on two valves. SSI has developed the most advanced smart dual valve (ASDV)technology for controlling two valves to dispense independently according to the workpiece positions and rotational skew.

ASDV has patented Z axis design, which holds two independent Z movements and can provide stronger support for the 2nd XY mini gantry with the position accuracy within 5um and offset distance up to 10mm.
ASDV 雙閥獨立運作功能適用於下列SSI 的塗佈系統: