Advanced micro-precision coating machine: semiconductor packaging / high-speed solder paste injection / ultra-fine dots < 100 um

SL series is specifically designed for semiconductor micro fluid packaging applications for narrow gap filling, fine line dispensing and micro underfill with small machine footprint and aggressive price. SL has outstanding performance of motion route repeatability and accuracy, capable to precisely fill silver epoxy into 170um narrow gap as well as precisely dispense 0.2 nl material in total volume along the dispensing route whatever it is line, square, circle or any other shapes. SL series is designed to be able to accept up to 12' wafer for extreme precision dispensing and repeated dispensing path accuracy regardless dot, line or curve shape.


Precise hardware specifications

SL series has a special machine base and gantry designed by SSI research team with software simulation
to meet the highest repeatability accuracy of ±1um and position accuracy of ±2um for the goal of lower budget and highest performance.


 Piezo jet valve for high speed jetting
 Progressive Cavity Pump(PCP) for precision high viscosity contact dispensing
 Deposition pump for < 100 um dispensing
 Solder paste jetting valve
 Thin film ultrasonic spray coater
 10:1 high precision mixing and dispensing
 High precision air spray coater


SSI vision software is the most advanced dispensing software integrating motion control and vision alignment with the following features :
 Support SECS / GEM and mapping requirements
 Close loop flow volume control
    Automatically checking the dispensing volume on micro scale, monitoring, auto adjusting
    and evenly distribute the dispensing volume alone the dispensing route
 Quick process parameters setting
    Just set up single chip dispensing parameters then the software can duplicate the same
    parameters on all chips on the wafer
 Effective dispensing delay time control
    Underfill takes time to diffuse, with only few chip delay time parameters, V2K can
    automatically calculate the proper dispensing delay time for all chip on the wafer
 Stream motion
    A dot to dot control technology, which synchronize dispensing frequency and the motion
    speed enabling the uniform dispensing result regardless acceleration, deceleration or turning
 Real time dispensing height measurement and compensation
 Fiducial on fly
    Integrated vision capabilities for auto alignment and optical inspection for 2D and 3D
 Remote teaching
    Engineers can remotely teach the robot without sitting in front of the machine