Advanced hybrid bonder : Dispensing/IJP + Die attach + assembly + inspection


Die bonding is the process of attaching the die either to its package or some substrate. A good die bonding process needs to be precisely aligned before place on the right pad. It also needs perfect contact between the die and the substrate without void. To achieve the perfect contact, the bonding head design must be able to aligned freely for the coplanarity. Because the die is weak and brittle, a fine tuning bonding force capability is mandatory to avoid destroying the die duringbonding process.

For solder bonding, the fluxing process is important. Proper amount of the flux has to be precisely dispensed on the substrate. For epoxy bonding, precision epoxy dispensing can avoid excess of die attach fillet, which could result in the die attach contamination of the die surface or the problem of die lifting or die cracking due to less amount of epoxy material used. On the other hand, a good eutectic bonding needs proper control of the bonding temperature, duration and bonding force.


SSI HYBRID BONDER fulfills inline automatic multiple function process with integration with die bonding and SMT assembly and precision fluid control processes and laser fine machining process.
Furthermore, the SSI advanced hybrid packaging system can be combined with flip chip bonding, 3-D stack assembly, dispensing/inkjet printing or dipping/welding, thermal or UV curing, AOI, laser processing. With SSI own embedded control system, own vision algorithm and specific own driver and smart software of auto calibration with miniature sensor is indispensable for high precision process results.
All process data can be collected and reported of the traceability data to SECES/ GEM , MES-system. Immediate monitoring of condition 

• Events, reports, alerts

• Remote command (Remote command, RMCD) 

• Recipe Upload/Download 


• Terminal message transmission

SSI is capable to provide advanced integrated process solutions by putting ourcore module solution to offer rapid response while customer is facing processchallenges or special process system requirements.