About Stream Jet

Stream Jet is the core product line of SSI and advanced dispensing equipment. Equipped with SSI’s independently developed Stream Vision software, Stream Jet is ideal for high-speed advanced dispensing processes, including underfill, wafer precision packaging, LED phosphor coating, die bonding , epoxy and solder paste precision dispensing, LCD tuffy and light masking adhesive dispensing, touch panel glass edge coating, OLED edge sealing, FPC chip, resistor, and capacitor protection, MEMS and micro acoustic diaphragm dispensing, PUR hot melt adhesive line dispensing and etc.
In addition to its extensive expandability based on customer needs, Stream Jet provides  custom designed loading and unloading mechanism designs including wafer in and wafer out, all kinds of part grippers, and FEOL and BEOL. Total solutions relating to precision dispensing are what the Stream Jet provides.
Together with the Stream Vision software technology, Stream Jet provides comprehensive process-based control and significantly shortens and simplifies setup and teaching time and difficulty. Users can quickly complete setup and instructions by means of a mouse click. Stream Jet’s process-based controls include valve parameter control, temperature control, automatic dispensing volume monitoring and automatic flow control, automatic alignment, and automatic height adjustment of 3D curve dispensing.

The Stream Jet system supports the most advanced piezoelectric jet technology. It also supports automatic alignment of glue drop location and automatic calibration of corner dispensing with with special software. Together with the Fiducial-on-Fly function as well as flying height detection of Stream Vision, dispensing speed can increase by 5-6 times to achieve high-speed dispensing on uneven surfaces in correspondence to dispensing diameter or line width at 50μm -200μm