Founded in 1994 as the exclusive distributor of EFD merged by Nordson later on.
⚫ 1998 became one of the distributors of Asymtek /Nordson.
⚫ 2008 set up software team to develop the dispensing core technology of motion control and vision alignment.
⚫ 2013 announced SSI brand advanced dispensing desk top robot.
⚫ 2016 announced advanced in line dispensing machines.
⚫ 2017 received business from a global display companies for glass edge coating machines.
⚫ 2018 secured busyness from a large semiconductor packaging company.
⚫ 2019 purchased 1000 square meters new factory because of business growth.
⚫ 2020 set up a new assembly factory with additional 700 square meters space to meet the increase business need.
⚫ 2020 Develop OEM IJP machine for a German company for wafer EMI shielding and continue own affordable low cost 3D IJP system.
⚫ 2020 Qualified by global leading semiconductor package in automobile/ consumer electronics as a supplier of in line dispensing machine.
⚫ 2020 Started new technology development for mini / micro led fluid packaging and mass transfer and repair.
⚫ 2021 A certified direct vendor of US Axxxx for mini led process.
⚫ 2021 Established a laser micro machining laboratory, start offering laser micro machining technology focusing on silicon/ composite materials, ceramic and other critical applications.
⚫ 2021 Complete laser tomography technology development for non destructive measurement/inspection for wafer, multilayer films, composite materials, glass.
⚫ 2022 Offer More Versatile Flexible Multi Process Functions and Standard Inline Modules In Different Industries.