• LED encapsulation

LED encapsulation

LED encapsulation
SSI provides a variety of advanced LED packaging process coating applications, from traditional LED packaging to MINI/uLED packaging. It can directly produce Lens on fly at high speed or eject quantum dots and ink shield from light leakage. In addition, we also provide real-time inspection to ensure coating appearance/size results, and directly Mapping Out the results of each die on specific board.
Traditional LED packaging processes including solvent coating on lead frame, phosphor glue jetting on led die or lens encapsulation can all benefit from SSI technology with much higher yield and through-put. Unlike traditional led packaging technology, SSI is applying the state of art high speed jetting and vision integrated technology to replace time pressure contact dispensing technology which is slow and imprecise particularly for small dies on mini/micro led. SSI advanced dispensing technology can directly produce Lens on fly at high speed or eject quantum dots and ink for light shield. In addition, we also provide real-time optical inspection to ensure coating appearance and dimension results.

Using special hard coated piezo jet valve, the dispensing dot accuracy can reach ±1%, UPH can triple or even more. The result is a great return of improved yield and much higher throughout.

Feed led lead frame roll into the machine - automatic optical inspection of marked defective parts - laser height detection and vision alignment by Alignment on Fly software - dispensing on fly automatically skipping marked defective parts - automatic optical inspection of dispensed parts with blue light.

Mini LED
Jetting solder paste with extremely high speed with SSI special design platform HL series , which offers ±1um repeatability accuracy and 3G acceleration capability in addition to the most advanced vision and motion control software V2K. HL platform is capable to dispensing 200um dot size solder paste at 1800,000 dots/hr or other materials less than 100um dot size at 1,8000,000t/sec like Quantum dots/ink/UV/silicon/epoxy.
In addition to solder paste jetting solution for mini led process, SSI software is able to dispense lens on fly and quantum dots for light shield as well as mapping out the result including and recipes of each specific die to the flowing station.

For a large mini LCD, gap filling between each individual panel is extremely important to splice small mini led panels to form a perfect big mini led panel. SSI technology is able to accurately locate gaps and precisely fill proper amount of epoxy into the gap, following dispensing height check by laser, then proceed 2nd filling process to the final specified glue.

Since mini led die is as small as 100~200um with very small pitch, dispensing result inscription becomes mandatory . With over a decade in developing glue optical inspection technology, SSI can offer the best solution for post dispensing inspection to ensure mini led quality.

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