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  • Laser Processing System

Laser Processing System

Model : Advanced laser micro machining

SSI precision optical cold laser processing system can maximize the efficiency to reduce thermal effects and precision quality

Ultra-precision laser micro-precision cold processing program:

SSI laser system solution is different from the integration of general laser system manufacturers. In addition to ensuring the thermal effect through traditional ultra-short pulse processing, we uses In house to develop a complete underlying core technology module in the high-precision process module stack.

1. Development of ultra-high-precision bottom motion axis control system: bottom-level control Embedded system development, and various high-speed motion feedback/sensor/Sensor/light source. For example, in extremely high-speed scanner/motion control technology, the ultra-high-speed pulse can be matched with the pulse shape to customize the ultra-high-speed pulse at a specific position and energy distribution. In this way, the time distribution of laser energy deposition can be customized and optimized for specific materials. In this way, the incident energy can be used almost entirely for material removal but not overheating.

2. Ultra-high-precision transmission and platform design and calculation simulation: to ensure the equipment's ultra-high setting response vibration frequency, minimal temperature variation tolerance and long-term stability.

3. The visual calculation is completely autonomous: High-speed and high-precision Real Time calculation and correction ensure that the processing position changes with the deviation of the incoming material.

Optical path design: to ensure the most accurate and appropriate beam profile removal of materials, to ensure that the processing energy is accurately distributed in a specific area, and the beam shape avoids distortions that lead to poor processing quality and unexpected feature geometric shapes. The optical analysis and calculation of the optical elements between the SSI laser and the target workpiece are designed to avoid the distortion of the beam quality. Through theoretical analysis and practical verification to ensure high-quality beam shape, at the same time through the high-volume beam transmission optics, the incident light loss and dispersion.


Schematic example of ultra-precision laser cold processing application process

Examples of ultra-precision laser cold processing application processes are as follows:

1:Semiconductor :

- Die attach film cutting

- Wafer scribing/dicing

- Wafer inspection

- Wafer inspection

2: Displays

- Pixel and cell repair

- Glass cutting and drilling

- Film cutting and drilling

- Touchscreen patterning

3: PC/FPC board

- Patterning/Trenching

- Cutting/Depaneling

- Via drilling

- Repair

4:Lithium-ion battery

- Foil coating removal

- Separator film cutting

- Foil and tab cutting

5:Other components

- Fingerprint sensor cutting

- Camera window cutting

- Resistor trimming

- Ceramic scribing


- Metal cutting and drilling

- Plastic marking

- Metal marking

Applicable process of laser power analysis

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