• High speed precision dispensing bonder

High speed precision dispensing bonder

Model : Model HDB

Semiconductor packaging is becoming more and more complicated and critical. Recently customers are reporting problems happening to the existing die bonding technology. Problems are mainly related to out of date dispensing technology and software capabilities, which include slow dispensing speed, inaccurate dispensing and overflow. Problems also happens to attachment alignment because alignment mark is covered by the adhesive after dispensing.

Model HDB is a totally new concept and solution for high speed precision dispensing, die bonding and die attach process. Model HDB is a modular design, which offers the complete flexibility of integrating appropriate dispensing and bonding technologies to satisfy the specific application requirement for dispensing, bonding and attachment.


SSI has the most advanced dispensing technology in the world, which is capable to handle any dispensing requirement with extremely high speed and high precision including flux, silver epoxy, solder paste, thermo paste and etc with piezo jetting technology. Model HDB also offers advanced bonding capabilities with the bonding accuracy between 3um and 20 micron and the bonding force between 1-100 Newton. Because Model HHB is a patented modular design platform, the machine is able to integrate various dispensing and bonding modules to achieve the best performance in accuracy and throughput.

Specifications 規格說明:

500 ~ 1000 mm/sec
0.25 ~ 1.5G
±10 ~ 1 um
Bond Force
1 ~ 100N
±20 ~ 3um


Modular integration according to the process requirement.

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