• Dual Y-axis Standard Vision Desktop Precision Robot

Dual Y-axis Standard Vision Desktop Precision Robot

Model : E_Y Series

With the rising demand for lightweight and compact portable features and narrow-frame smartphones, the adhesive coating process has gradually been replaced by digital adhesive coating technology. In digital adhesive coating, a jet sprays adhesive in micro mass dots to form the required patterns, including dots, lines, curves, and all kinds of irregular patterns. When giving instructions with traditional teaching boxes, as a robot cannot understand the exact position of adhesive coating, the teaching is time consuming. The Stream Vision software can accurately calculate adhesive positions and actively calibrate the deviation of the work piece to ensure accurate coating position for precise adhesive coating.

Stream Vision is a professional integrated software application that integrates vision teaching and position calibration. Unlike ordinary add-on position calibration software on the market, Smart Vision has no teaching difficulty and vision capture problems.

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XYZ Working Area
E500Y : 200mm x 220mm x 100mm
XY Acceleration
XY Speed
Z Speed
XYZ Repeatability
Maximum Load
Y : 10kg / Z : 5kg
Mono Pump/CL Valve(must option Laser/Contacted height sensor & Auto Tip calibration)
Hot Melt Jet Valve
Jet Valve

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