• CxVis


• Suitable for single sample FoF shooting detection. (Applied to panel coating inspection)

•Suitable for single sample, complex detection and judgment of multiple detection positions and items. (Applied to semiconductor, coating inspection, plastic injection and other multi-item inspection)

• Suitable for detection of multiple samples with large field of view.

Flexible task setting

• Set up different tasks according to different sources.

• The same source image can be set with positioning and detection commands for image positioning and detection.

cxvis.png  cxvis2.png

Multiple filter processing

• Filters of corresponding categories can be set as required.

• Currently supported filter types are

     • Color extraction
     • Color intensification
     • Edge detection
     • Image enhancement
     •Blurred image

• Through multiple filter combinations, noise can be removed and the image of the target to be detected can be enhanced


View Image Query

Integrated image display of inspection results, inspection areas and failure locations.

You can quickly switch between images and shooting locations to quickly find invalid images.

Historical inspection record query

• The detection history can be accessed through the history window.

•Double-click the history record, you can call the record to the display window for viewing.


Re-executed function

• Use the re-execution function to re-calculate the historical records.

• Usually used for verification after adjusting detection parameters.



Panel inspection for contamination.


Multiple inspections of the PCB to confirm whether any components have fallen off.