AOI System

Our superior AOI system solution, which can be equipped with a variety of modular optical kits, and combine with our own advanced visual mathematical algorithms and together with our own advanced motion control technology to offer a optimized turn kit solution.

In addition to providing video inspection technology or advanced controlling system, we further deep into the data collection for process analysis, which significantly reduce the factory process management costs and enhance the output quality by real time data process feedback control.

Positioning function

In order to place the glue in the correct position, the positioning function is the key to success. We provide positioning functions on the characteristics of various objects to fulfill the differences in characteristics among different products, so that users can follow the most obvious characteristics of the product to do positioning.
1.Template comparison: A Mark pattern for alignment almost exists on every product.  Users can easily set the Mark pattern through the gray scale similarity calculation in the image visual algorithm to find the corresponding Mark pattern position in the product. The algorithm also provides the similarity score setting to avoid finding other similar Mark pattern positions, which may cause wrong positioning results.

2.Corner finder: In addition to the positioning method of the Mark pattern, when the Mark pattern does not exist in the screen or the color of the Mark pattern changes greatly, we can also use other features of the product for positioning. The corner of the two lines is used for positioning, the visual algorithm calculates the equation of the two lines, and the position where the two lines intersect is accurately located through mathematical operations.

3.Simple corner finder: When the corner formed by the two straight sides of the product is a right angle feature, using simple corner finder can speed up the setting and calculation time and further improve the identification efficiency.

4.Circle finder: Products often have round features or the product itself is a round object. The edges of the product are first calculated through visual algorithms, and then the center and radius are calculated by using these edge contents. Through the setting of the algorithm, it can also be judged whether the size of the product is within the standard. Once the product radius value exceeds the set standard, it will prompt that the positioning is unsuccessful.

5.Edge finder: When the product is a flat object, the corner finder and circle finder cannot be positioned, the edge finder can be used for positioning. The algorithm provides the angle result for the edge finder. When the angle exceeds the set value, the product will be judged to appear problem, and prompts that the positioning is unsuccessful.

Stream Vision Detection function
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